Epps On The Cutting Room Floor

Scream 2's Omar Epps recently spoke to The South End and mentioned his cut role from Cursed:

Of course, it's not all success and glory for his film career. Epps was set to make a cameo appearance in "Cursed," a movie that would re-team "Scream" collaborators Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson.

"Cursed is cursed," he laughs.

Epps says Miramax co-founder Bob Weinstein called him at home to ask him to appear in the film. "Let me tell you, when Bob Weinstein calls your house, you gotta go," he says.

But problems plagued the film and rewrites had Epps' already filmed role cut from production.

Though he lost out on "Cursed," Epps says he's looking forward to other projects and different roles, all with a healthy sense of humor about his sports character past, "Maybe I'll be playing coaches next."

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