Baio Praises Wes Craven And Cursed Set

In an interview with GWHatchet, Scott Baio had some warm words to share:

"Wes Craven is the mellowest, most gentle man I've ever worked with. He never raises his voice, he's very quiet and gives very precise short directions. He sits down, watches and says 'OK, are you happy with that?' I gotta tell you, I was blown away by this, I would tell him 'Wes! You gotta get mad!' And he would say 'Why? What's the point?' It's interesting, he's got Hollywood Boulevard clothes, people flying all over to meet with him and all this shit going on and he's just in the middle of it looking around, taking it all in. And the entire crew under him, they're all just wonderful human beings. It's honestly the most relaxed and easygoing set I've ever been on."

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