Set Visit, Freddie Prinze Jr Eaten By Werewolf!

Dark Horizons got a scoop from a set visitor today, revealing alot of interesting news: The Wes Craven werewolf project has pretty much scrapped its first round of shooting in favour of another. After months of reworking its finally underway again and 'The Hand' drops in to clear up some speculation:

"Ok, firstly - it's looking excellent! The werewolf is scarier than anything Craven's done in years. Don't believe the rumors, this is going to be a great movie. The script is a lot better. Kristina Anapau's role has been extended to be more of a leading role, rather than a supporting character.

A number of people have been chopped because there storylines were no longer valid. One of those was Corey Feldman who was playing a drug dealer, in a scene. However, there's been some new attachements to the film. Shashawnee Hall, who was in "Coach", is playing - funnily enough - a 'Coach', Michelle Krusiec, who was Ching Chong in "Dumb and Dumberer" is playing Debbie and Joshua Jackson is playing a character called Jake.

Wes Craven is going to do a cameo, and it's believed Freddie Prinze Jr did his cameo last week, playing a film producer that comes to a rather surprising - though deserved - end at the hands of the lead creature.

A few more names have been roped in to sell the film I think - and probably push on the poster. One of the actors says the studio wants to do a trilogy of films, but it doesnt look like Wes Craven will do them, nor Christina Ricci, who's apparently complaining like jaggers! Looks good to me though.... "

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