More Words From Ricci

Today it's Sci Fi Wire that the female lead has spoken to: Christina Ricci, who stars in director Wes Craven's troubled werewolf movie Cursed, told SCI FI Wire that the film is being reshot as an entirely new movie after an 11-week hiatus to fix problems. "We're essentially reshooting the whole movie, so it's sort of like going on to another movie," Ricci said in an interview. "And this time it's a lot more fun. We have a lot more action, and it seems better."

Ricci added that Craven's spirits seem lifted by the new material. "I think he's happy, because I don't think he was happy with what he was originally getting," Ricci said. "I think he's glad that he has the chance to remake it."

One of the issues of the reshoots involved changing werewolf makeup. Ultimately, Ricci is confident that Cursed can be saved. "If you scrap an entire movie and shoot it all over again, rewrite the script, then yeah, it can be saved," she said.

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