Christina Ricci Talks Cursed Reshoots

Fangoria caught up with actress Christina Ricci yesterday who is currently in the midst of re-shooting the troubled Dimension Films project, CURSED being directed by Wes Craven from a script by Kevin (SCREAM) Williamson.

"The movie - we're re-shooting," admits Ricci. "It just wasn't working. So, luckily they had the ability to go back and re-shoot it. We're almost re-shooting the entire film." In the film, Ricci plays the lead in a profession familiar to the always-working actress. "I play a publicist in L.A. who ends up in a car accident and me and my little brother are attacked by a werewolf," Ricci says. "It's fine. All I do is walk around on the phone. [Real publicists] do other things, but this is a movie publicist!"

As for what was wrong with the movie, Ricci deflects the question. "You know what, you'd have to ask the people who actually saw the movie."

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