Billy Loomis Gets Cut

According to Moviehole, bad news for Scream's original Ghostface. "We've got a confirmation - Another one has bitten the dust over on Wes Craven's Cursed. Skeet Ulrich has been cut from the film altogether. It's believed Joshua Jackson's new character, Jake, replaced Ulrich's old character, and every scene of Ulrich's character has now been excised from the film Basically, with the film being near entirely rewritten, a few folks have had to go - and "Scream" star Ulrich [as well as Corey Feldman] was one of them. Ulrich got the job based on his previous relationship with Director Craven, who he worked on "Scream" with. The film stars Christina Ricci, Josh Jackson, Mya, Portia De Rossi and Shannon Elizabeth. Hopefully some of these cut actors will make it onto the DVD. Or will they?"

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