A Visit To A Once Cursed Set

Bloody Disgusting received an email from 'RandyMeeksKiller', whom was on the set of Wes Craven's problematic Werewolf film, Cursed, here's what he had to say, "I got to visit the set of Cursed last week. No creatures around, but Wes Craven and Scott Foley were doing a scene. And I also spotted Lance Bass for N Sync. The surrounding streets were closed, with only a small path at the rear road available to view. A lot of night shoots. In otherwords, didn't get to see a lot. A Smoke machine - a major one - was gushing from the left hand side of the shoot, with a string of flashy cars banked up top to toe with each other on the street kurb. Ok, the best part....I got to meet Kevin Williamson. He shook a few of our hands and talked to the onlookers for a while. He was a really nice guy. Talked to some of the girls about Dawsons Creek and talked about Scream as well. He said his next movie is called Retribution, which Neve Campbell is in, and a few people said when can we expect a Scream 4? He said if he had his way 'never', but it'll probably happen one day."

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