New Cast Member Added & Script Spoilers Online

Fangoria report that Wes Craven's CURSED, the on-again, off-again werewolf movie from Dimension Films that reunites Craven with his SCREAM scripter Kevin Williamson, starts shooting again this week in Los Angeles with a few new cast members, which now include Portia (SCREAM 2) de Rossi who will appear in the under-wraps opening scene according to the Hollywood Reporter. The film, which lost makeup maestro Rick Baker, has gone through extensive re-writes and allegedly has a new brace of people "consulting" on fixing the project, concerns a group of young Los Angelenos who find themselves werewolf-bit and aren't certain what to do about it.

And to read a SPOILER FILLED script report (i.e. the original ending) go to Filmjerk though it might not apply as the final film will be drastically different. It sounded great!!

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