Fate Of Original Footage Revealed

Creature Corner have this to report: David - a Corner reader who has pals on the set - tells us that, "About 90% of the existing footage [shot in the first half of the year] is being thrown out. They're combining two house sets into one and are proceeding with principal photography without even enough money to buy craft services." Well, your devoted Rotten one checked into this and poked his nose around where it didn't belong talking to a few folks who we know are in the trenches on this Dimension film and it seems that our scooper is indeed correct. Roughly 80% of the old script has been done away with making room for a new "better" (we've been told) draft that even involves one character, who was previously killed off, to return in a new role altogether! We've also heard that the powers-that-be on the film have yet to settle on a pleasing conclusion. One thing's for sure: all of the scrapped footage is going to make for a helluva dvd.

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