Cursed Hiatus Update

From Fangoria & Entertainment Weekly: "Entertainment Weekly has shed some more light on the situation with Dimension’s CURSED, which, as has been widely reported, is going back for major reshoots later this year. The official word from Dimension is that the Wes Craven-directed project is “on hiatus,” with Kevin Williamson rewriting the script for the new round of shooting. “Basically, we wanted a better third act,” Craven told the mag, and added ominously, “We’re going to update the script based on things we learned [about werewolf effects] using the combination of CGI and a physical werewolf by Rick Baker.” Yep, that means a computerized beast will share the screen with the monster created by Baker, who is not returning for the reshoots. Craven is aiming to regather actors Christina Ricci, Skeet Ulrich, Shannon Elizabeth, Omar Epps and Scott Foley to start the new filming in October and wrap up by January. That means that (the now appropriately titled) CURSED’s longstanding release date of next February 13 no longer applies. Remember back when Dimension topper Bob Weinstein told EW that nothing was going to move them off the originally announced August 2003 date?"

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