The Cursed Plan

Creature Corner report: "According to Dimension, the Kevin Williamson penned Cursed has been put on a "planned" four week hiatus with the intention to begin shooting again in September in order to meet the film's February 13, 2004 release date. The reason for the siesta? Miramax "suits" were none too pleased with the film's conclusion or with the lycanthrope design, in turn, Cursed was put on hold so the creative team could reevaluate how the rest of the film is going to play out. Sounds like a wicked cluster-fuck to me; a very confused film with no focus. But, we gotta remember the picture's in Wes' hands so it can be too out of control, right? Now, apparently the only problem with shooting in September is securing the same crew and cast who may have gone on to work on other projects."

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