Why do people lie?

Dan from Stu Macher's Garage dropped off his Sound Off. He talks about people claiming to be "Insiders" and spreading fake news. Something that happens way too often.
hey there...first thing I'd like to say is that i think this is a genious idea. being a webmaster of my own Scream Trilogy site I can see that sometimes fans need to interact with the site and webmaster to make it all work. and another thing...I really want to Sound Off. Why? Because...there's a lot of bullshit going on. Thats right...I said it...bullshit. Thething that really pisses me off about this whole thing...and yes...it pisses me off is that people who claim to be "insiders" write the worst crap, and forsome reasons, we just decide to print it. If you supposed "insiders" hadhalf a life, you wouldn't go around making up rumors about the stupidest shitin the world like Parker Posey saying "I needed to pay some bills."

That crap really pissed me off. It worried me too. Just because some fuckdecides they want to use their "creative" mind and fool people into thinking acast member has been fired doesnt mean we should believe it...but we do. They'res a lot of bullshit these days. Let me state this for the record now. In 99.9% of cases, insider news is always WRONG! That .1% chance that itsright is becuase that person has half a brain and probably guessed right. I've done it myself (or maybe I'm just physcic) but for some reason I knewScott Foley was going to do Scream 3. Don't ask me why-I couldn't tell ya. But did I go spread 10,000 rumors about Scott Foley being in Scream 3? No..I didn't.

Maybe what we webmasters have to start looking out for is this insane shit that people like to make up to make themselves feal"special."

-dan webmaster of smg (http://s-m-g.homepage.com)
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