Scream 3 to disappoint? delivers a wonderful "Sound Off" that will most likely happen in a few month. Great job, Cap.
Consider this a pre - Sound Off! for what is going to occur this December. What am I talking about? Something none of you are probably prepared for. Something different. That's right. Different. SCR3AM will be a different movie than you expect. Same characters? Mostly. Same underlying theme (masked killer mystery)? Oh yeah. Same feel? NOPE.

It's the "feel" I'm talking about here. Remember how in the first movie, you never quite knew if the film was a comedy spoof that scared you or a horror movie with some great comedy dialogue? You weren't quite sure, but it was different than anything you else you had paid six bucks for in a while and you liked it. Then came "I Know..." and "Urban Legend" and etc, etc. Scream 2 even felt like more of the same (although better than either of those).

Well, Craven will not deal well with that, and make no mistake, this is Craven's franchise. It put Williamson on the map, but Craven made it real (and it did more than a little to get his career on the fast track again). Craven will want the series to go out with an unmistakable bang. Another "something different" that will prove there is still life in horror.

What to expect? Less killing for one. BLASPHEMY! Maybe, but it's true. Look for Craven to flex some directing muscle on this project and deliver a much more character-driven story with a tight plot. Continue to look for witty dialogue and some laughs. Continue to look for nice plot twists (which are so rarely done properly anymore). And look for a cameo by our favorite director.

It scares me to say it, but look for a more intellectual thriller than anyone has seen in the horror genre in years. The critics will cringe at saying it, but they will admit they like the film. And the fans, just like all the people who bashed the last episode of Seinfeld, will gripe because the big finale wasn't "true" to the original movie. And while we're on the comparison, they could have capped Seinfeld off with the funniest episode ever (in my opinion - "The Contest") and fans still would have said,"What the hell was that?" Same will be true with SCR3AM. The Seinfeld fans were wrong (Jerry & crew wrapped things up as best they could), and Scream fans will be wrong, too.

But the rest of the movie-going public will be happier with this horror film than they ever have been with "I Know...". So before you even have a chance to complain about it, I'll sound off with a "Deal with it!"

Cap out...
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