No Scream 3! talks about why Scream should have ended at two.
I can tell already. Scream 3 will be the most ill-recieved of the entire series. Why? Because every person has different expectations for the grand finalè. I would also bet most of my sparecash that the ending will be the part most people will be disgusted about.(My friends got into a heated argument over whether or not the perfect ending for Scream 3 would be Sidney alone in a dark room, the ghost face showing up behind her, and then the credits. They frighten me.)

There will also most likely be countless comparisions to a certain summer witch movie, with a portion of theg eneral public(Read: Morons.) staying away from the entire movie because of this, defending Blair Witch, and saying Scream 3 was made simply to cash in on the huge success of the other two movies. Then, in the online community, pre-teens will occupy most every horror film-related newsgroup, writing badly spelled and worded messages saying "ScR3Am 3 r00Ls11 It OwNz EvErY mOoVeE eVr" This will undoubtedly turn even more people against Scream 3,including many people who loved the movie, but refuse to be associated with such imbeciles. Then, finally, there will be the "hardcore" fans, who think Scream 3 sucks based solely on the fact that Kevin Williamson didn't write it.

To sum this up, even though I will go see, and love Scream 3, itwould have been best to let this series only count to "2".
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