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Scream and Scream 2 writer Kevin Williamson did a chat with ABC.com yesterday. Here is the transcript.

guest-Marty says: Hello Kevin, Describe what the new show "Wasteland" is all about?
Kevin: It's the story about a group of friends who all went to college together, and then made their way to New York City to make their dreams come true. It's sort of a "humorous slice of life" about a group of friends as they approach 30.

guest-KevinFan3 says: First off I want to say that I am your number one fan, Kevin, and I want to let you know that you are my hero. You inspire me to make my dreams of filmmaking a reality, and I owe you a huge thank you. Secondly, what does your schedule for the next few years look like, movie and TV-wise?
Kevin: Oh gosh! Currently I am working on Wasteland. I am directing a film, a romantic comedy, with Universal, that will begin early next year. I've written an action thriller, that will begin shooting early next year as well, directed by someone else. And I also am contemplating doing a live action musical for the big screen, in the next two years, as well as another TV series. But all this is exhaustion-pending permitting. I'm trying to slow down and have a life.

guest-Dale says: Are any of the rumors we've been hearing about Scream 3 true?
Kevin: What rumors? Not knowing exactly which rumor, there are so many I don't know which you are referring to, so I can't say.

guest-Speed99 says: mr williamson i am one of your biggest fans, and It is my plan in the future to someday write and direct hopefully as good as you and i was wondering what advice you would have for someone who wanted to start in the business?
Kevin: First and foremost, go to school. Film school if you can afford it, I couldn't. Just write, and write, and write. And never stop writing. And really take your love of film and turn it into your work.

guest-MorbidMuch says: Do you go online a lot? Do you ever visit the Scream sites?
Kevin: Occasionally, I surf the web, but usually all I get around to is checking my email.

guest-RainMann09 says: With Wasteland and your upcomign Her Leading man you're showing that you aren't just a teen filmmaker will yu\ou continue to do much more mature themes?
Kevin: First...Hi Dan! And yes, I plan to explore every genre, actually, and every age range. Just to keep things exciting for me personally.

guest-Speed99 says: Do you stay in touch with any of the Dawsons Creek actors?
Kevin: All the time. I talk to one particular young girl three or four times a day.

guest-My says: What steps should someone, fresh out of highschool with screenplays in various stages of completion, take in order to get them read and then hopefully, made into a movie?
Kevin: That is such a hard question to answer, but I'll try. There seems to be a different path for everyone's career. So, to sort of generalize, I'd say move to Los Angeles, so you can live and breathe in the world of filmmakers. Try to make contact in unorthodox ways, via personal relationships, etc. And just write a really good script, because when all else fails the material will speak for itself. And also, try to keep your head into the business side of filmmaking, and don't get lost into the artsy side, because there is definitely a business aspect of this industry that you can't ignore. You have to know the marketplace, know what's current and what people want to watch, and try to be ahead of it. It doesn't always work, but it will be a start.

Untchabl says: Can you gives us any hints, that we don't already know about Scream 3?
Kevin: Since I didn't write the script, I am in the dark too. You probably know more thanme.

guest-Marty says: Hello Kevin, How were you discovered as a writer/Producer?
Kevin: I wrote a script and gave it to a friend, who gave it to a friend, who gave it to a friend, who turned out to be a big agent. There was a lot of luck involved.

guest-sloppy says: Why was Rebecca Gayhart's character in Wasteland changed from a cop to an assitant? When did Jeffrey Sams enter the show, cause I did not think he was in the original pilot?
Kevin: You're right! Jeffrey Sams was not in the original pilot. We changed the character from a police detective to an assitant in the DA's office because I wanted to show the journey of a young girl's rise to the top of her career, instead of starting there. I felt the journey was far more interesting. And Jeffrey Sams was brought in to play her boss.

guest-frygirl says: After watching tonights show what other topics will the characters face?
Kevin: Everything! They will continue to explore their own personal secrets and insecurities, as well as face career and love issues and everything else under the sun.

Kevin: In future episodes you will see the series take a turn to the comedic, where we begin to focus on the humorous side of our characters lives, and how they deal with certain situations. I wanted to save the angst-ridden torment for Dawson's Creek, and save the comedy for this show. And you'll see that happening on future episodes. Think of it as a comedy with heart.

guest-Marty says: Hello Kevin, What makes a good "writer" in your opinion?
Kevin: Marty, someone who understands the formula of screenwriting, but doesn't feel obligated to marry himself to it. Someone with an exciting and fresh voice that writes from the heart of the character. I tend to not enjoy a plot driven script as much. I much prefer a character's journey.

guest-RainMann09 says: I've read that there is a little bit fo you in all of the Dawsons Creek characters. Does this hold true for Wasteland as well?
Kevin: Absolutely. I live and breathe in every single one of them, whether it's their career, or their secret, or their relationships, it's usually autobiographical. I am a firm believer in writing what you know.

guest-groove says: which character do you most relate to on wasteland?
Kevin: The Jeffrey Sams character, which will be further explored in future episodes. But at some time in my life, I related to each one of them, as much.

guest-Orangewoman says: Kevin, where did u get the idea to write a show about an older generation after being so succesful with dawson's creek?
Kevin: I wanted to move out of the teenage crowd and tell the next phase of my life, which was about my moving to New York with all my friends and what we encountered there.

guest-SarahC says: Loved the show... You're known for you excellent taste in music... Wondering how you pick the artists you use on your shows.
Kevin: Well, I'd love to take credit for all the musical selections. But usually it's me, and a group of people, sitting around, listening to tons and tons of music. And then we all decide together.

guest-timr says: Ever since Ellen there seems to be a backlash against having gay characters being as explicit in showing their sex lives as straight characters. How will you handle this on Wasteland?
Kevin: Well, I try not to think in terms of backlash, because it's such a painful experience. So I just try to tell the stories I want to tell, and hope for the best.

guest-oliveoil says: What makes this show different from the others you've done in the past
Kevin: I'm trying to stay away from the self absorbed philosophizing, and focus on the humorous side of life, and keep things lively and fun. But do all this with insight.

EZGuest133587473 says: Kevin, as a fellow writer, I am curious to know what place is you feel gives you the most inspiration when you write?
Kevin: I usually write best in a dark room with as few distractions as possible, because then my mind is the only place I can go. When I write, I go inside instead of outside.

guest-randy45 says: will you make a apperance in Wateland?
Kevin: Good God, no! That's the last thing I want to do, is turn on the TV and see myself. Are you my mother? She's been begging me to do something in front of the cameras.

guest-vnightskyv says: :smiles warmly:: 'evening....I enjoyed the show this evening...I'm 29...it seems I am able to relate to one of the characters....I know we all like to look at 'perfect' people...but have you considered an actress/actor that is less than perfect just curious...most women in today's society are not a size 7...I"m a 12/14 and am just as beautiful..::smiles sweetly::...
Kevin: I completely agree, and yes, I consider every actress that walks in the door. It is never my intention, believe it or not, to cast only the gorgeous faces. It's just when an actor matches a role, it's hard to deny, and I can't control who I fall in love with when they audition for me. I always think of the character first, and what the actor looks like much later.

guest-ivy says: are you happy with the way the series premire turned out?
Kevin: As a writer, there's always things I'd like to go back and do differently, or that I wish had been done differently, or things I wish I could change. I think that's part of the writer's anguish, is that once you let it leave your computer, it's gone forever, and you have to hope for the best. I continue to fix my mistakes, and carry on.

guest-Rory says: I heard that there will be scenes airing on the internet that aren't in the actual episodes. Is this true?
Kevin: Yes, there's always additional footage left over, or additional footage we're shooting just to show on the internet for fun. So if you want to see more, sign on. www.abc.go.com

Kevin: Thank you guys SO much for signing on and chatting with me, it's been my pleasure, and I hope you guys will watch Wasteland, and thanks for your continued support of my work, I hope to just get better and better, and continue to entertain.

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