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Official News

Wes Craven revealed this on his official site. It appears Kelly Rutherford, from Melrose Place, will appear in Scream 3. Also, this confirms that Liev Schreiber is indeed in Scream 3.
News here: last night ended the 3rd to last day of shooting, ending Liev Schreiber's days on the pic. We've already finished Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and most of the others. Courteney Cox and Parker Posey work Tuesday to end their work, and we have one last day, Wednesday, with Kelly from Melrose Place. Then that's it!

Also, the release date has officially been pushed back to Feb 7, 2000, due to the crowded slate of December - when it seems everybody and his brother is releasing a big film.

Stab 2 in Scream 3

Megan over at posted a really cool Stab 2 poster that'll be featured in Scream 3. Click on the picture for the full image. Thanks again to Megan.


The latest rumor flying around the net is that Eliza Dushku will play the role of Sidney Prescott in Stab 2 and maybe Stab 3. Dushku was confirmed to have been offered a role in Scream 3 by UltimateTV.


eBay has what they claim to be, music from Scream 3. The names of the pieces are "Opening Theme/ Dewey's Arrival/ The Phone Call/ Sidney's Walk/ Randy?/ I Can't Think/ Ending Credits". If you want to take a chance and order this, click here.


Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes have just wrapped a "Secret" cameo in Scream 3. The duo is more commonly known as "Silent Bob" and "Jay". Scream 3 is very close to wrapping, Neve and David finished filming the 20th. Thanks to Neil Tejano and Hollywood Confidential.

TV Coverage

More "ghostly" secrets of Scream 3 will air tomorrow on "Entertainment Tonight". Today's segment is kinda pointless to report. Courteney is changing her name to "Courteney Cox Arquette". But we did see some of the sets (looks like Stu's house to me), costumes (Gale's yellow suit), Neve (looking wonderful!), and Parker Posey (with streaked hair). reports...
Drew Barrymore - Her character may have been killed in "Scream," but she is still a part of this successful franchise. This time around, she will be screaming off-camera as one of the producers of "Scream 3." Funny how her name was not on Miramax's press release from last month, or that she is currently working on getting Charlie's Angels moving. I doubt she is producing it.

German Scream 3 poster

Above is a rare German poster which appeared online today at Class Act Movie Posters. In other news, Entertainment Tonight will include a special visit to the 'Scream 3' set tonight. Check out their web site for more info! Also received the interview below the other day, with thanks to 'RJones2125.'
I received this in an e-mail from a pal of mine (I can't confirm not deny this is real):


In a some-what recent issue of Australia TV Week, there is a small article on Kevin Williamson. The last question they ask is the following:

MAG: And SCREAM 3, is it the last one?

WILLIAMSON: "Yes. They tell me it's the best one yet! I'm so sad I can't be a part of it!



Neve Campbell received a paycheck of 5 Million for her work on Scream 3. Also, tomorrow we will have more Scream 3 images (hopefully), interviews, and stuff from the set because of Entertainment Tonight's coverage.

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Carrie Fisher will have a cameo in Scream 3. Carrie told "People" magazine "I have no ambitions as an actress," admits Carrie Fisher, the artist formerly known as Princess Leia. "I'm going to do a day's work on Scream 3, but that's all I can handle, a day's work."