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Official News

Wes Craven revealed this on his official site. It appears Kelly Rutherford, from Melrose Place, will appear in Scream 3. Also… Read more

Stab 2 in Scream 3

Megan over at posted a really cool Stab 2 poster that'll be featured in Scream 3. Click on the picture for the … Read more


The latest rumor flying around the net is that Eliza Dushku will play the role of Sidney Prescott in Stab 2 and maybe Stab 3. … Read more


eBay has what they claim to be, music from Scream 3. The names of the pieces are "Opening Theme/ Dewey's Arrival/ The … Read more


Kevin Smith and actor Jason Mewes have just wrapped a "Secret" cameo in Scream 3. The duo is more commonly known as … Read more

TV Coverage

More "ghostly" secrets of Scream 3 will air tomorrow on "Entertainment Tonight". Today's segment is kind… Read more

German Scream 3 poster

Above is a rare German poster which appeared online today at Class Act Movie Posters. In other news, Entertainment Tonight wi… Read more


Neve Campbell received a paycheck of 5 Million for her work on Scream 3. Also, tomorrow we will have more Scream 3 images (hopef… Read more


Carrie Fisher will have a cameo in Scream 3. Carrie told "People" magazine "I have no ambitions as an actress,&… Read more

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