Williamson ditches Teens

Scream and Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson readily says his plan is to leave the world of teens and teen horror behind — but he readily admits he's not doing it as soon as others told him to. "[Scream director] Wes Craven drilled it into my brain that you're going to be pegged a horror guy, and make sure you don't follow Scream up with any horror movies," Williamson tells Fade In: magazine. "Well, I made the mistake. I followed it up with I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Faculty and [the Williamson-conceived] Halloween: H2O. Which weren't all my doing — I got roped into some of those."

Well, Williamson gets roped no more. He's ended his day-to-day involvement in the WB's Dawson's (Wednesdays, 8 pm/ET) in order to concentrate on his upcoming ABC series, Wasteland, which focuses on 20-somethings in New York, and has an exit strategy in mind for a permanent move to the world of adults.

"Now I'm doing Teaching Mrs. Tingle, which is not a horror movie," Williamson explains. "It's a comedy. It's a teenage movie. It's the first movie I ever wrote, and it'll be my directorial debut. So it's a good way to say goodbye to teen movies for now." — Michael Peck

So could Williamson have a different motive for dropping Scream 3 other than time issues?

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