Williamson answers Scream 3 questions

In a recent Halloween: H20 Interview, when asked about the status of Scream 3, Kevin Williamson said: "I just agreed this week to start writing it. We just struck my deal, so I guess the other deals are starting to follow. I'll be done in April, I'm guessing. We're planning on a December [1999] release." When asked about Neve Campbell's return, he replied: "Well, I guess she needs to wait to see if she has a character. If she doesn't want to be in it, then we'll write it without her. The good thing about Scream 3 is I've got three plans. There's the Sid version, the Sid-less version, and....the bottom line is the story itself doesn't rely so much on her character." What's the third version, they asked: "(Smiling) I can't say. It's not so much about Sidney anymore. It's about the world that was created with "Stab." The story itself thematically works, regardless of who is in it."
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