Scream Goofs

  • Randy says "Here comes the obligatory tit shot" while watching Halloween (1978) and everyone cheers, supposedly at the sight of breasts, but the scene they are watching at that precise moment doesn't show nudity. The girl's breasts in Halloween aren't revealed until a later scene.
  • At Stu's party, everyone watches Halloween (1978). However, the scenes shown from that movie do not correlate with the time passing in this movie. For example, the time between Laurie finding her friends murdered and the "closet scene" is ten to twelve minutes in Halloween; in this movie, closer to 30 minutes elapse.
  • A boom shadow is visible when Sidney is walking up the stairs on her deck.
  • In reality, if Gale had slammed on the brakes with Kenny on top of the car, Kenny's body would have gone backwards and not forwards.