No Bad Blood Between Melissa Barrera and Scream Franchise

Melissa Barrera reunited with her Scream (2022) and Scream VI cast mates at MPTF's 17th Annual Evening Before Gala. And Deadline caught up with Barrera at Sundance, where she was asked about the reunion. 

“I’m just so grateful on what I got to infuse in the franchise, and that’s something I’ll be proud of forever,” Melissa Barrera told Deadline at Sundance tonight, indicating no bad blood after being severed from the Scream series by Spyglass Media last month.

Now this can obviously be interpreted and dissected any which way you please. But all surface indications seem to say there is no ill-will between Melissa and the Scream franchise.

Her comment regarding her fellow cast is wholesome...

She told us, “We’re family for life.”

“If we’re ever in the vicinity of each other, we always find each other and that’s what happened at that event,” she continued.

“When we find each other, we just want to spend the night with each other, and nothing is ever going to change that.”

Source: Deadline

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