Jack Quaid, Method Actor

To truly tap into the whole "toxic fandom" aspect of his character, Scream (2022)'s Jack Quaid (Richie Kirsch) opened a Reddit account under the username u/StabHead

First order of business? Rile up the Star Wars community...

His next two posts have since been removed, but they were titled "What do you think are elements of a truly GREAT horror movie? Regardless of sub-genre." and "What makes a truly great horror movie?"

He then posed a question aimed at the Scream franchise, which doubled as a Jack Quaid AMA...

It's little things like this that let the fans know how committed Quaid was to the character of Richie. This wasn't just a paycheck for an actor. This was a fan who respected the entries before his own and did his homework.

Thanks again, Jack! Richie may be dead, but you'll live on forever in Scream and the chronicles of Ghostface!

Five-Cream Forever!

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