Could it Be? A Drama-Free Production?

Filming on Scream (2022) ended over a month ago, and it seems that this may have been the very first drama-free Scream production!

With Scream (1996), there was a little drama almost from the get-go.  After the first week of filming, Bob and Harvey Weinstein were ready to fire Wes Craven after not being pleased with the dailies they were seeing.  However, editor Patrick Lussier cut the opening Drew Barrymore scene together and the rest is history.

With Scream 2, the drama began when the script was leaked onto the internet literally as soon as production began.  We have since learned that the infamous draft that was leaked was, in fact, a script with a dummy ending (Cotton Weary was never intended to be one of the killers -- Mickey, however, was a product of the leaked draft).

Scream 3's drama is pretty well-known.  Kevin Williamson's original treatment took the story back to Woodsboro with another high school-themed killing spree with Stu Macher (alive and in prison) calling the shots.  Due to the shooting at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, production was forced to switch gears, and Williamson, who was busy with other projects, wouldn't be able to pen the "final" installment in his and Craven's trilogy.

Now with Scream 4, this is just a classic story of studio interference.  Original creator Kevin Williamson had a new idea for a new trilogy for Scream 4-6, but sadly, this isn't what happened.  This time, Bob Weinstein was the man behind the drama, insisting certain things should be changed, mostly story and plot points.

Now fast forward to 2020.  Scream 5, going with the title Scream (2022), has wrapped and is in post-production.  And what seems to have slipped under the noses of fans and horror fans alike, is that this production has seemed to have gone off without a hitch.  Now, that could be because a new studio is in charge, new directors on board, or any number of reasons.  But the fact remains, there has been NO DRAMA (unless you count the Courteney hiccup, which we don't).

We haven't gotten any juicy gossip from the set.  No fighting.  No firings.  No cast drop-outs.  Nothing.  It appears that the conceived film has been carried through. we feelin' about this new Scream?

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