All the Scream Movies Ranked by Scream 4 Star Alison Brie

It's always interesting when former cast members of any of the Scream films decide to take a trip through the franchise.  This time, Scream 4 alum, Alison Brie takes a stab at it.

We’ve got a brand new episode of Collider Ladies Night with Alison Brie coming your way soon in celebration of Happiest Season’s November 26th release on Hulu, but I just couldn’t wait to share the opening of this episode because it focuses on one of my all-time favorite franchises, Scream. When one of Brie’s cats made a cameo at the start of the record, there was no way I could hold back; I had to show off my own cat, Deputy Dewey, which kicked off a little Scream series debate.

Of course, Brie appeared in 2011’s Scream 4 as Rebecca Walters, Sidney’s (Neve Campbell) publicist. In addition to being part of the franchise, Brie is also a huge fan of it and actually just completed a full series re-watch with husband Dave Franco. As someone who recently revealed her soft spot for the franchise outcast, Scream 3, I asked Brie where she stands on that installment and, admittedly, her answer caught me off guard. Find out what she said in this clip from Collider Ladies Night!

Check out her ranking...

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