Jenna Ortega Discusses Joining Scream 5

Jenna Ortega spoke with Fault Magazine and touched briefly on Scream 5 and the horror genre...

Your currently filming Scream 5, what’s been the toughest aspect of this acting role?

Jenna Ortega: With this role I just want to do the franchise justice. It has left such a massive impact on the genre and means so much to a such a large quantity of people, I want this character to be someone they can embrace and accept into their community. All while of course paying respects to the immaculate world that the great Wes Craven and original cast have already created. There’s a lot of pressure entering Woodsboro, but if anything that’s the way it should be. I just want to do it right.

Is horror a genre you always wanted to explore?

Jenna Ortega: Yea! One of the first questions my agent asked when I signed with her was what genre I was interested in.. I told her all of them!!! But that horror would be a really fun one. I’ve been so fortunate to be welcomed onto projects recently that fulfill that desire. It’s so scarce that you find a career that you love so early on in life, and right now I truly love what I do.

What do you think will surprise people most about this instalment?

Jenna Ortega: I think there’s a lot of surprising aspects to this installment, maybe the surplus of new characters? I’m too afraid to say anything revealing, so I’ve been trying to keep a tight lip.

Source: Fault

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