Parker Posey talks Scream 3, her character's legacy

Twenty years later, Parker Posey ("Jennifer Jolie") opens up about her time with Scream 3 and her character's lasting legacy...
"First of all, I'm glad to hear she's beloved online," Posey enthusiastically began in an interview conducted with TooFab via e-mail. "I think the fans like the part because I was funny and irreverent. And also, getting to see Gale doubled by an actress playing her added layers to the enjoyment of the last of the trilogy."
On working with Wes Craven...
"I respected him very much," she said of Wes. "I was nervous to take on a part where I’d have to be scared and on the run. I'd been out of the country for over a year and landed in Hollywood to hopefully get a paying job -- and I did. So I was happy to fit into the studio system. We talked about why people wanted to scream together in an audience -- what the films held a place for -- that catharsis. Audiences would scream and then laugh together."
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