NECA's Newest, Ultimate, Ghostface Figure

We all remember the insane hype train that surrounded the release of Scream 4, and all the cool merch that was popping up, right? Remember when NECA released their Ghostface figure? It was mostly ill-received -- due primarily to the mask sculpt and the half-sculpted robe the killer had on. It was a weird one.

Now, almost a decade later, NECA has unveiled its "ultimate" Ghostface figure.

And? Well...they got the robe right. But the figure still has that 2011 mask style, which is sure to turn a few people off. As strange as it sounds, there's a rather large group of fans that still consider the Movie Maniacs Ghostface figure to be the end-all, be-all (despite its flaws, the mask was almost 100% spot-on).

Now from what I've heard, this new figure will have four head variants. Different masks? Mickey, Roman and Jill's unmasked heads? Nobody knows...yet.

Here's a few pics to whet your appetite...

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