Part 9: "The Dance" (S01E09)

Guys and girls, just so you know, SCREAM is getting good -- like really good.  Like, why are you not watching it?! good.  Last week's episode was stellar, and this week's?  Well, wow.

SCREAM -- S01E09 -- "The Dance"

The episode kicks off with a quick flashback to one year ago.  The Lakewood Municipal Records building gets broken into by a dark figure who eludes the security guard.  And once in the actual records/evidence room, the figure pours through the Brandon James evidence box and comes across the now-iconic post-op mask.

The figure turns to the security camera with the mask covering their face -- and an identity is created.

Back to the present, we quickly learn that it is the day of the Halloween dance at George Washing High School.

Lakewood is preparing for Halloween and the town appears to get pretty festive for the occasion.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Branson is being questioned by Hudson about the knife found in his classroom and the girl from his past that went missing.

And this is about the time where Branson lawyers-up -- just what Hudson was expecting.

Later, Emma and Brooke talk about everything that's going on during a drive.

Back at the station, Hudson gives a brief press conference in which he states that trick-or-treating will end at sundown and asks that, out of safety, no masks be worn -- and that this year's Halloween dance will serve as a fundraiser for the victim's families.

When Brooke arrives at Jake's house, where she is to be staying, he shows her to her room and she immediately slumps onto the bed.

At the hospital, Emma and her mom discuss Branson, and she tells Emma that she has requested Branson's DNA so she can have a maternity test done.

Emma requests to speak with Branson and permission is granted.  "Hello, Emma," he greets her.  And then asks her what she's doing here.

Emma asks him several questions that only her caller would know, and Branson comes up with blanks every time.  Either he's innocent, or playing dumb.

At Jake's, Brooke's webcam lights up.  Someone is watching her.

And as soon as she notices it, it turns off.  So someone isn't just recording her, but watching her live.  She slams her laptop closed and throws a robe on.

Later, Emma has a chat with Audrey and Noah.  She reveals to them that Branson is, in fact, her biological half-brother.  Branson.  Bran's son.

Piper shows up and Audrey and Noah take off.  Piper tells Emma that she tracked down Cassie James, Brandon's mother.

So, naturally, the two go and pay her a visit.  Mama James tells them that Brandon's son was there a few days ago, wanting to know all about his father.  She confirms that it was Seth (Branson).

As Piper drops Emma off at her house and she goes inside, we see that Kieran is parked outside, watching her.

Emma sees that the news of Branson's arrest is already making the rounds.

There's a knock at the door.  It's Kieran.

She tells him that she'd really like to make up for lost time.  Kieran invites her to the Halloween dance.  She accepts.

But before the dance, they all enjoy pizza together.

At Jake's, Brooke tells him about someone watching her on her webcam.  Jake ends up upsetting Brooke and she takes off, telling him she's going home.

Back at the station, Hudson tells Maggie that the cell towers that the calls to Emma pinged off of are nowhere near Branson's house or the school.  Hudson tells her that he's going to go the area and knock on doors, try to get a lead somewhere.

Hudson comes across a house in the area that doesn't appear to have anyone home, but the door is unlocked and open.

Inside the house, Hudson discovers a laptop that is displaying all the webcams and closed circuit camera footage.

Suddenly, the killer appears behind Hudson --  where he is struck in the head with a fire poker.

Emma is getting ready for the Halloween dance, dressed as a character from PULP FICTION.  Brooke calls and invites her to a party as her house.  Emma tells her that she and Kieran will come by after the dance.

Later, Noah and Audrey discover a video of Nina and Kieran getting closed to one another at a bar.

At the dance, Jake is in his truck watching Brooke's security cameras.  It plays off as a sweet gesture, really...a concerned friend.

Inside the dance, Audrey tells Emma about the footage she has of Kieran with Nina the night before she died.

Piper shows up and tells Emma that she went back to see Mama James and showed her a picture of Seth Branson.  She said that was not the man who came to see her.  And instead pointed out Kieran from a few photos.

Suddenly, the lights go out at the dance and then come back on.  On the large projector is a live feed of Sheriff Hudson tied to a tree.

Back at the station, over the PA, we hear that Branson has escaped and we're treated to the image above.  Now two possible killers, Branson and Kieran, are on the loose.

Next episode: S01E10 -- "Revelations"
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