Cursed No Longer A Slasher Film!!!???

Judy Greer, who stars in Wes Craven's troubled horror film Cursed, told SCI FI Wire that the movie faced numerous reshoots, many of which required her participation. "I'm probably going to do them forever," she said in an interview. "Cursed had a major rewrite. We shot a lot of movie, and there were some problems with the ending, so they went back to try to finish the ending."

Greer—who is currently on view as Jennifer Garner's best friend in the fantasy comedy film 13 Going on 30—added that the revised werewolf-themed Cursed now has more heart than it did before. "The first version had a lot more blood in it or a lot more action, but the second version seems like it's more of a fable, like more of a [fairy] tale," Greer said. "It seems to come from a more real place."

Greer said that each change seemed to push the film further away from its original idea and eventually altered not only the shooting schedule, but also the characters. "Everything kept getting changed, and it got to the point where the movie was completely different," she said. "In the first version, I played Scott Baio's assistant, and I was in love with him. In the second version, I'm Scott Baio's publicist, and I'm all business."

Greer said that a number of cast members' schedules simply could not be accommodated, and they were eventually excised from the final film. "Because they were having a hard time with the ending, they decided to take a little break shooting the movie for a couple of weeks, and in that time a lot of the actors—myself included—became unavailable." Greer eventually wound up in the movie, but the actors who dropped out included Omar Epps and Skeet Ulrich, who was replaced by Joshua Jackson. The much-delayed film now has an Oct. 1 release date.

Note: This is horrible news!! A fairy tale?? Let's hope Judy is downplaying the horror aspect. Hopefully the DVD will have both cus, because right now my interest in the new "better" version is dropping severly.

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