Exclusive Report From The Set Of Cursed

Info directly from the set and call sheet:

It was the last day of shooting at sets and locations actually. Some outcuts I can summarize:

Christina Ricci - Ellie (Character Name)
Joshua Jackson - Jake (seems like bf of Ellie)
Scott Baio - Himself
Mya - Jenny
Judy Greer - Joannie.

Set and Scene:

Jack has Chamberlain numbers
Ellie meets Scott
Jake is besmirched, Jenny betwixted
Ellie toys with Scott
Jenny bummed
Party continues - a big Carnival of Venice-like setting on the top of a high building (shot in studio) with crazy costumes, including penguins and butterflies
Jake asks Ellie about attack

Ellie will hit Jake with a Fist with keys.

The setting (all the beginning of the movie) will be at midnight and fullmoon.

The whole story reminds me so far strongly to "Wolf" (Jack Nicolson, Michelle Pfeiffer).

Christina will wear a burgundy top with long arms, a tight blue jeans and a mask (carrying it around in her hand most of the time). Her hair is red in different colors, like multiple colorized and grown out again. It's long to the mid of the back.

Judy Greer (a really nice person as it seems to be, really nice to ev erybody at the set and no star-like behavior at all!) wears a tight golden dress with high-heels (and got feetache from that as I suppose every woman does).

Also Wes Craven is a REALLY nice guy!

Okay, another difference from Wolf is that there are more than two bitten by the Wolf. Jake and Ellie (having a 6-months-relationship already) are both bitten, Ellie as main character of course is a wolf. At least one other is bitten.

On the Bel Age Rooftop (restaurant at the roof) Ellie feels the effects of the fullmoon and suddenly reacts sexier. Before that she is shy and underdressed. Joannie is playing a real venomous grrl-like being (strange, 'cause Judy Greer was so friendly!). Mya, seems like some minor actress, plays Jenny, who is killed in the elevator. I quote: "blood splattered walls. Dripping, streaked across every inch of the elevator. The penguin men (from the party) look down to see the remains of Jenny. Her body has been dismembered. Her mid-section is now an empty cavity of blood and flesh.

Jimmy (whoever that is, seems to be a roommate of Ellie's) and Ellie herself do have five points on their hands. If connected, they form a pentagram (actually a sign of protection, but I suppose in this case they dig out the old "Cursed and Devil's Servant" nonsense).

Jake and Ellie meet at the party and talk about their relationship, when suddenly both Jenny and Joanie blast in and disturb Jake's attempts to get Ellie out of her shyness and reservation. Because Jake is still standing with Jenny, acting as a total gentleman, at the bar, when Ellie finished her short conversation with Scott Baio (who will be third guest at the Craig Kilborn show Ellie works for, which pisses him of because Ashton Kutcher and Carrot Top are before him at the show), she heads for the elevator.

Maybe she is the beast that kills Jenny in the elevator. Her screams are overshadowed by party noise, by the way.

Scott Baio was supposed to be a wolf-mask auctioneer selling expensive B.V. George de Latour Private Reserve Carbenet wine for the PETA. Seems he actually does that, but the wolf mask is gone. On set I saw him just smoking, dressed as we know him, and no mask nearby. Ellie actually IS underdressed, jeans and burgundy pullover-like thing with the stitches outside. I had a good look at her double, so I know. She get's a cat's mask (like from carnival in Venice) from Joannie when she enters the party. In one shot she actually leaves the mask on the table, I wonder if this shot is going to be the final cut or not.

Background Extras in the scene:

Bartender, Busboy
4 new types
4 costumed waitresses
5 Penguins (I actually only saw three, the studio was already packed)
15 special costumed guests (and cool costumes, angels and butterflies and such!)
35 costumed guests (normal ones I guess, but still everything very nice)
4 screaming chicks (on set of course not, they were talking silently, in the end the sound will be in it though).

I actually took a peek on a shot from the 28th, where Ellie is leaving a studio (supposely the Craig Kilborn Show Studio), Joannie running after her, having a short argument. Ellie turns away, Joannie touches her shoulder and Ellie turns around and gives her a really bad look and makes it clear she wants to be alone. After that she walks off (and shows her nice body). Still, I wonder what they will do with her eyes, making them yellow or such, because her eyes really are her strongest feature. I was 10 feet away from her at the set, and she looked around sometimes, not really noticing me, but still, a millisecond view of her eyes and you are catched. She has so big eyes. Dark Diamonds.

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