Baker Quits Cursed

Just in: "Creature-Corner received a number of calls from various reliable sources today that Academy Award winner Rick Baker and his company Cinovation have quit their work on Cursed. Baker was providing werewolf FX on the film. This will now give Baker the much wanted (and, I’m sure, much needed) siesta he’s been yearning to make good on for some time now. Cinovation intends to close its doors this Friday until Baker’s ready to climb back in the saddle. To further confirm this news we placed a call to Baker's office...and they were indeed prepping to close up shop and have been done with Cursed for well over a week now. Details are sketchy at best as to why he departed the project, but rumors of the film’s unnatural start/stop/start again production history may be some indication. So where does this leave the film now that it’s sans a team of werewolf wranglers? We’ve heard that KNB is now sliding in to take on an enormous workload to finish the project – now another lycanthrope-ridden project to add to their resume after the work they completed on the Ginger Snaps sequel. Cinovation shipped all of the Cursed molds to KNB team today." Many times certain crew members will not return for reshoots as they are contracted only till the end of principle photography. I think it's just that.

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