More Cursed Filming Goodies

Just received the following information from the filming of Cursed: "along the pier they had numerous spot lights lit up, lined with all kinds of foods, drink and crew members. It was all blocked off near the roller coaster and farther down towards the sand... They had parts of the sand blocked off... there were two characters who stood on the pier and jumped off onto the sand below- each at separate times-, a wire was attached to the back and connected to a crane. They were dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket similar to that of the 50's style rebel look. Once they landed in the sand they would take the stance of like a zombie or warewolf, looking around for something. Then there was another scene where one of them was digging in the sand, they started around 7 pm and I left around 9:30 and they were still filming away. They took numerous takes of both characters"

Source: Z Review

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