Craven & Williamson Re-Team For Cursed

Dimension Films have signed up Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson to direct and write a movie to be called Cursed. Chairman of Dimension Films Bob Wenstein had this to say "Kevin wrote a fun, scary and surprise filled script just like the original 'Scream.' The only person I thought of to direct it was Wes Craven,and I couldn't be more excited to team them up again for what I think is another crowd pleasing thrill ride. In the way they made scary movies fun, Kevin and Wes will reinvent the werewolf genre." Cursed already has a release date set of August 8th 2003 and will be set in Los Angelese and will be a modern hip twist on the werewolf genre. Producing Cursed will be Kevin Williamson and Marianne Maddalena.

Source: Variety

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