David Arquette spoke about Scream 3 and the infamous reshoots in an interview with To read the full story, click here
Much of the new film's comic relief is supplied by a new cast member, Parker Posey ("House of Yes"), who portrays TV reporter Weathers in "Stab 3," as well as by Cox, says Arquette.

"Parker had everyone cracking up. And Courteney is really silly in the movie. (But) she's always silly -- she's a pretty humorous person."

Apart from all the on-set yucks, heavy 11th-hour rewrites sometimes got him down, Arquette admits. "We kept getting new scripts and changes. I don't really enjoy that process. It makes it hard when you aren't sure of anything that's going on."

On top of that, Craven decided to reshoot an early murder scene.

"I think, at first, they tried to tone down (the film)," notes Arquette. "But after they saw what they'd shot, they said, `It's not scary.' If you don't make it jarring, you know, it doesn't have as much impact. So they reshot it -- and then got into the killing mode."
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