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David Arquette wrestles Ghostface?

Here's a WTF video for you. David Arquette, pro wrestler/former Woodsboro Deputy & Sheriff, came face to face with...Gho… Read more

Deion: The Jock in Scream: Resurrection

So this is probably going to be a thing now...short character showcases for the cast of Scream: Resurrection. Here's RJ… Read more

2 Short Scream: Resurrection Videos

The Scream: Resurrection Twitter and Instagram dropped a few more little goodies.  The first is a just a small glimpse of th… Read more

Jamie Kennedy mentions Scream

Scream's very own Jamie Kennedy dropped a little Scream nugget on Twitter the other day. And he's not wrong. Why do yo… Read more

Scream/Scream 2 getting red vinyl re-release

According to MovieWeb , the score soundtracks for Scream and Scream 2 are getting a re-release, this time on red vinyl. What… Read more

VH1's Scream will hit Netflix after debut

VH1's Scream: Resurrection will hit Netflix after its 3-night event. At least, according to actor Guillian Yao Gioiello (… Read more

Scream: Resurrection Plot Details

The Hollywood Reporter gave us a few more details regarding the plot of Scream: Resurrection... Season three centers on Dei… Read more

Scream: Resurrection Images Galore!

Here's a slew of screencaps from the first look/trailer for VH1's Scream: Resurrection to whet your Ghostface appetite..… Read more

Scream: Resurrection to premiere on VH1 July 8!

MTV’s Scream is dead. VH1 will be releasing the third season as a three-night special event titled Scream: Resurrection start… Read more

Official SCREAMOWEEN Flyer/Postcard

The official flyer for SCREAMOWEEN has been released via their website . This is, no doubt, an event not to be missed (which… Read more

New Dead By Daylight Ghostface footage released

Two new official videos of Ghostface in Dead By Daylight have been released...a spotlight on the character and a behind-the-scen… Read more

Miramax for sale? Scream up for grabs!

We're a couple days late here, but it appears that Miramax, home of the Scream franchise, is for sale. Here's a blurb … Read more

Ghostface joining Dead by Daylight

A couple weeks ago it was announced that our beloved Ghostface would be joining the popular horror/slasher video game Dead by Da… Read more

SCREAMOWEEN: Celebrate Halloween at Scene 118

Scream Comes Home organizers Anthony Masi and Nate Ragon may have actually out-done themselves with this: SCREAMOWEEN 2019.  T… Read more

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