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Psycho sidekicks of the SCREAM killers!

Teen slasher movies are known for having crazy killers with even crazier motives for killing.  But in 1996, Scream changed the game a little by adding a sidekick.  It makes sense, really -- especially if a killer wants to avoid suspicion -- it's always nice to be able to be two places at once.  And a sidekick can help out in that department.

Since 1996, many slashers have gone on to utilize the two-killer angle, but something that sets the Scream series apart is that most of the time, the sidekick is a lot crazier than the mastermind.


Ah, Stu, the loveable funny-guy.  But, as we know from real life, it's usually the funny guy who is the most disturbed.  And this holds true for Stu.  The mastermind, Billy Loomis, was merely seeking revenge on his girlfriend, Sidney, because it was her mother who ruined his family.  Something tells me it didn't take Billy a whole lot of convincing to get Stu to go along, though.

The first attack of the movie is Casey Bec…

Scream 2 - Entertainment Weekly Cover Story

Talk about a killer party. Those fun-loving girls from Delta Lambda Zeta have turned the swankiest mansion on the campus of Windsor College into kegger central. Pledge paddles are being put to work on errant behinds. And there's already a boisterous line forming at the SnackWells and Doritos buffet.

Oh, yeah, and Neve Campbell is out by the barbecue grill, screaming her lungs out. It's midnight on the Pasadena set of Wes Craven's Scream 2, and the slashing and impaling are well under way. One sorority sister's already been Ginsued, and Campbell's character, Sidney Prescott, wants to keep mean Mr. Ghost Mask from pulling his Benihana routine again.

Meanwhile, all Craven can do is laugh. "Maybe it's the tension," the 58-year-old director says, watching Campbell shriek away on his playback monitor. "I just think this stuff is hilarious sometimes."

He's not the only one. With its cutting one-liners and to-die-for cast, last year's Screa…