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  • Scream 2 takes place in Ohio, yet the movie was filmed in Georgia and Los Angeles.
  • Filming at Agnes Scott University started on June 16, 1997 and lasted for 16 days.  Many of the students became extras on the film.  "We were told not to speak to them, really, or not to bother them.  We were supposed to act really professional." -Lauren Tucker, Laurie Metcalf's stand-in
  • Jada Pinkett sent Wes Craven a complete set of steak knives for Christmas in 1997.
  • The entire city of Decatur was very welcoming to the filmmakers, including the bar patrons.  Almost every night, the cast would go out and party.
    • "We went out all the time.  Jerry O'Connell always took us to awesome clubs and restaurants.  He was definitely the group's leader when it came to having fun." -Elise Neal (Hallie)
    • "This is the first movie that I've been on that everyone just hung out together like family.  If I said to Jamie [Kennedy], 'Let's go to Fat Matt's and get chicken and fine biscuits, I'll meet you downstairs in 10 minutes,' then 10 minutes later, there's 15 people in the lobby.  We all traveled in packs." -Duane Martin (Joel)
  • During the opening scene, the usher handing out costumes was the winner of MTV's Scream 2 contest.  The usher outside was Neve Campbell's stand-in.
  • The opening scene was shot in 3 days.  The entire scene was on the Internet almost immediately afterwards.  This, of course, taught the filmmakers not to have scenes with so many extras.
  • Kevin Williamson had the idea of the opening to Scream 2 while Scream was still being shot.
  • The "Stab" sequence with Heather Graham was shot in Malibu, California.  During the shots that took place outside, Heather was such a loud screamer that neighbors were calling the police.
  • The sound of the knife going through flesh was created by adding the sounds of lions and other animals.
  • When producer Marianne Maddalena checked out the decorating in Sidney's dorm room, she was so displeased that she ended up redoing it herself.
  • "It was amazing.  One day on the set [of Dawson's Creek], Kevin Williamson came up and said, 'Hey, I want to ask you a huge favor.  It's okay if you don't want to do this, but I was wondering if you'd be in a scene in Scream 2?'  And I was like, 'Of course!'  They flew me to L.A., put me up in a big hotel and gave me a driver and per diem money.  I got to meet Neve Campbell -- who I have a huge crush on now -- Sarah Michelle Gellar and the guys from Scream 2.  It was great!" -Joshua Jackson
  • The Freddy Krueger sweater is hanging in Sidney's closet.
  • The school they shot at was Agnes Scott College in Georgia.  They filmed there for one month.  The temperature was so hot that it was in the hundreds even at night.
  • The girl who tells Hallie and Sidney to turn on the TV is the niece of the President of Agnes Scott College.
  • "There was one day where Rebecca Gayheart and I were separated from everyone else at the mall, and this woman came up and wanted to hug her.  She goes, 'I just want to say that you brought so much class to Beverly Hills 90210,' and then she walked away.  I went, 'You were on 90210?' and she smacked me." -Timothy Olyphant (Mickey)
  • The Film Class scene was shot at UCLA.
  • When Jamie Kennedy uses a British accent in his scene with Sidney he is imitating Scream 2's Line Producer.
  • Courteney wanted to have a "severe" hairstyle for Scream 2. She always wanted to be sophisticated looking yet a little tacky and over the top.
  • When editing Scream 2, the filmmakers used music from Broken Arrow in their temp score, during Dewey's scenes. Everyone fell in love with it, so they bought the rights to the music and used it in the final film as Dewey's Theme.
  • Jessica Craven's (the daughter of Wes Craven) song is played briefly at the beginning of CiCi's scene.
  • Actress Selma Blair (Cruel Intentions, The Sweetest Thing) was the girl who talked to CiCi on the phone.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar was scared of being thrown off the balcony and onto a mat, but she didn't know why since she does it all the time.
  • "We were strolling through the college campus; I was supposed to be depressed. Then, just as I said my line, I walked right into a tree branch -- I'm talking a big tree branch. It was pretty embarrassing." -Neve Campbell
  • Neve Campbell and Matthew Lillard were dating during the filming of Scream 2, so that's why Matthew was there to make a cameo.
  • The scene between Mickey and Sidney in the hospital was an afterthought. They had to rebuild the set in order to develop the relationship between Sid and Mickey.
  • Wes Craven's assistant plays the female doctor that treats Derek.
  • The movie "Stab" was going to be mentioned as being directed by Robert Rodriguez, but the reference to Rodriguez was taken out for legal reasons.
    • Update: The reference was re-inserted during the Stab-a-thon scene in Scream 4.
  • While filming the Cassandra scene, a crew member was in the orchestra pit which was full of fog that was created by dry ice. His mask fell off, and since he couldn't see well enough to find it, he soon found himself being overwhelmed by the smoke. He nearly died before he was rescued by other members of the crew.
  • Danny Elfman (Batman, Beetlejuice) scored the Cassandra scene.
  • Roger Jackson (the phone voice) wrote the line, "Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?"
  • Since it was difficult to get an R rating for the original Scream, Craven and crew made the first cut of Scream 2 extra gory. This way, when they were asked to cut down the gore, they could cut it down to what they originally wanted. So they had Omar Epps' character get stabbed three times and made Randy's death extremely drawn out. They were shocked to find out that the MPAA gave this version an R rating. The MPAA said they liked the message of the film more than Scream's message. However, the gore was toned down anyways.
  • Joel's taxi driver has a neck brace on as a safety precaution (his throat couldn't be slashed with it on). Wes approved the joke, but Marianne hated it. In the final cut of the film, you barely even see it.
  • When the Frat Brother approaches Derek and says, "You! Prepare to die. You gave up your letters!" The first "You" was voiced by Roger Jackson, the phone voice.
  • "I was hanging out with Buffy [Sarah Michelle Gellar], Jerry O'Connell, and Rebecca Gayheart. It was the first time I'd met [Sarah]. At the end of the night, she told me something and I said, 'That's really great, Rebecca!' She was furious. Then, to make matters worse, I lost my memory. She goes, 'What's my name? What's my name?' And I'm like, 'You know, everyone knows Buffy.' And she's like, 'I'm not Buffy! What's my name?'" -Jamie Kennedy (Randy)
  • The two officers who were assigned to protect Sidney are named after Miramax executives.
  • Hallie was originally only stabbed one time. But Wes Craven thought it seemed anti-climatic so they added addition stabs in post production.
  • An early version of the Scream 2 script was leaked onto the internet before the movie started filming. In this script, Hallie and Derek were the killers. And then in the end of the script, Cotton decides to kill Sidney so he can be the only survivor. After a long knife battle between Sidney and Cotton, the final shot would have been them both lying there dead. So Scream 2 would have ended with everyone dying. This makes many people believe that Kevin Williamson himself was the person who leaked the script onto the Internet.
  • In Greek tradition, the stuff done to Derek would have been done with him being naked. But since they couldn't show that, they put Derek in boxers.
  • In the final scene, with the camera pulling back as Sidney walks away, there was a shot of the killer in the tower. But they decided not to be so bold.
    • ...
  • Since the cast had no idea who the killer was, they made bets as to who it was. Only David Arquette got it right.
  • Unlike other cast members, Courteney Cox wasn't under contract to be in Scream 2. So she was able to negotiate for a salary bigger than anyone else's.
  • To scare Sarah Michelle Gellar, Roger Jackson (the voice) called her when she was home alone. She got so scared she started crying.
  • The area code that appears on the caller ID is 513, the area code for Hamilton, Ohio.
  • The role of Maureen Evans was written for a young white girl. But Jada Pinkett's agent fought for the role so it was rewritten.
  • It is rumored that Omar Epps has said that if he had known his part would have been so small, he wouldn't have done Scream 2. If I've ever seen this in an interview of him, I've forgotten about it.
  • David Arquette was known for his use of marijuana off-screen.
  • Rebecca Gayheart read for the roles of Hallie, CiCi, and Maureen.



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