Character Bios

Enjoy these character bios on (almost) every character in the first three Scream films... alphabetical order...

Emily Mortimer
Angelina Tyler
Stab 3 was to be Angelina's big Hollywood break. She won the role of Sidney Prescott via sleeping with the movie's producer John Milton. Angelina wanted her portrayal to be something that the real Sidney would be proud of. Woefully, she died with second-rate celebrities like Jennifer Jolie.

Luke Wilson
Billy in Stab
The greasy hair dangling over his eyes, the chiseled jaw -- this young actor was cast perfectly as the anomalous Billy. Poor Randy -- the actor cast to play him had been a mere carriage driver on one episode of "Dr. Quinn." Oh well, as Billy said it best in Stab, "That's the way the cookie crumbles."

Skeet Ulrich
Billy Loomis
Poor Billy Loomis. Abandoned by his Mommy...raised on slasher flicks...teased by his sexually anorexic girlfriend Sidney Prescott...with the aid of his impressionable best friend Stu Macher, the duo not only raped and butchered Maureen Prescott but also framed Cotton Weary for their tryst. Exactly a year later they hacked up both Casey Becker and Steven Orth. Toasting their cleverness, Billy permanently shut the door on beer wench Tatum Riley and deflowered Sidney. Billy would have remained a cut above the rest if he had not informed Gale Weathers about the importance of firearm safety.

Drew Barrymore
Casey Becker
Poor Casey. She never did get to have that popcorn. Sadly, being the scary movie aficionado that she was didn't provide her with the "psycho-killer avoidance" tactics that she needed. Brutally murdered and hung from a tree in her own front yard...that's probably not what she meant by wanting to spend the evening "hanging out at home."
Casey "CiCi" Cooper
Who would've thought that being the Omega Beta Zeta sober sister could be so dangerous? She certainly tried her hardest to hinder the masked killer's attempts on her life, but alas, could not prevail. Perhaps a wooden stake might have helped?
Casey in Stab
The young actress who played Casey in the original Stab movie never did get to meet her subject. But she certainly did handle the role well, including the nude shower scene, which had moviegoer Maureen Evans wondering what her being "butt-ass naked" had to do with the plot of the story.
Cotton Weary
Sent to death row for Maureen Prescott's murder and almost arrested for the Windsor College massacre, things finally looked bright for Cotton: his talk show "100% Cotton" became a huge TV ratings hit and his girlfriend Christine was noted for her beautiful voice. He even had a SUV that could outrun L.A. traffic. But sadly, none of it was to last. It all ended the night Roman Bridger nipped him in the bud. Fate always had a way of picking on Cotton.
Debbie Salt
Debbie Salt a.k.a. Mrs. Loomis, a.k.a. mother of psychotic Billy. She recruited oddball film student Mickey to go on a murdering spree to avenge her son's death. She almost succeeded in salting off Sidney at the theatre, save for an intervention from Cotton Weary -- never one to miss being in the spotlight. Sheesh -- talk about stage mothers.
Mess with Derek's girlfriend Sidney? Over his dead body! Derek was such a loving boyfriend and even willing to humiliate himself serenading her in the school cafeteria. What cruel irony that the Greek letter necklace that symbolized his love for Sidney was a token of the irresponsible and dangerous hazing rituals practiced by his fraternity. Of course, then again, that's what pledges are for.
Det. Mark Kincaid
Having grown up around the movie studios, LAPD homicide detective Mark Kincaid certainly knew his way around the sets when he was assigned to the murder case of Cotton Weary. Determined that the murder was somehow connected to Maureen Prescott's death, he and Dewey crossed paths over that whereabouts of Sidney Prescott. That fascination with Sidney developed into a form of empathy. They both liked the same scary movie: their lives.
Dewey Riley
As a way for the citizens of Woodsboro not to take Dwight seriously, he was given the moniker of Dewey. That all changed the night Billy Loomis and Stu Macher killed his baby sister, Tatum. It was also during that fateful night that he fell for Gale Weathers. After the Windsor College carnage he was hired as a technical advisor for Jennifer Jolie. After putting an end to Roman Bridger, Dewey and Gale became engaged.
Gale Weathers
Determined to prove the innocence of Cotton Weary in the slaying of Maureen Prescott, she did not care if her book upset Sidney Prescott. During the Woodsboro murders she fell head over heels with Dewey Riley and made Billy Loomis meet a deadline. Investigating the murders of Windsor College, it seemed that Gale was beginning to realize the folly of her career; not even her new cameraman Joel was willing to put his throat on the line. It was Jennifer Jolie's portrayal of her in Stab 3 that made Gale finally realize what was most important to her: Dewey.
Why does the roommate always have to die? Psychology major Hallie was so excited about rushing a sorority until her plans were cut short and she was all cut up. She told Sidney not to go back, but does anyone ever listen to the roommate?
Hank Loomis
Watch out for Hank "Hanky Panky" Loomis. Little did he know how much trouble his flings with Maureen Prescott would cause. It was up to him to be a role model and pick the shattered pieces of his son's life once his jealous wife abandoned them. Hank probably should have started worrying about his son when, on camping trips, Little Billy would get abnormally excited about gutting fish.
Jennifer Jolie
Despite being dumped by Brad Pitt, Jennifer continued her portrayal of Gale Weathers in the Stab movie franchise. Her research was conducted by way of Dewey Riley. Forever the method actor, she jumped at the chance to work with the real Gale Weathers. Following the death of Sarah Darling, she started smoking and depended on Steve Stone for protection. The best sex she ever had was with Roman Bridger -- who evidently did not share the same sentiment as he broke her heart.
Joel seemed to be earmarked for extinction from the moment he walked onto the Windsor College campus. Following in the footsteps of another Gale Weathers cameraman, Kenny, Joel seemed like he'd surely end up in harms way. But alas, after reading Gale's book, he wisely left the area for "Saved-by-the-Bell-ish" circumstances. This begs the question: what the hell was everyone else thinking?
John Milton
During the 1970s this movie producer was known for his parties. These gatherings were for actresses to "impress" influential filmmakers. Unfortunately several of the revelers got carried away with hopeful starlet Reena Reynolds. Years later her name came back to haunt John when he realized that Reena was in fact Maureen Prescott and that her avengeful son Roman was not taking any apologies.
Kenny did a great job as Gale Weathers' cameraman and had quite a knack for surveillance stake out. His final gig found him outside looking in once again -- outside the van that is, looking in on a stunned Gale through a bloody windshield.
Martha Meeks
We all have our burdens in life. For Martha it was her older brother Randy. Shortly after his death, she delivered a video to Sidney warning of a third possible murderer. The tape also revealed that her brother lost his virginity to Creepy Karen at Blockbuster Video. Much to Gale Weathers' disgust, this seventeen-year-old girl had been feeling very lonely since Dewey left Woodsboro.
Maureen Evans
If only her boyfriend Phil would have let her go and see that Sandra Bullock movie down the street like she wanted. Instead, she was talked into attending a screening of Stab in a theatre where life began to imitate art. As she stumbled, bleeding, across the theatre stage, we can only assume that one question haunted her final moments: "Why did that guy at the concession stand give me such a huge drink and a big tub of popcorn when I distinctly ordered a small?"
Maureen Prescott
During the 1970s Maureen Roberts was known as Reena Reynolds and starred in three of John Milton's horror movies. After being brutally raped, she retreated to the sanctity of Woodsboro and married Neil Prescott. Despite being a wonderful mother to her daughter Sidney, Maureen engaged in sexual affairs with both Cotton Weary and Hank Loomis. The past came back to haunt her when "Reena's son" Roman Bridger showed up in Woodsboro. Rejected by the family, Roman plotted revenge and the original Woodsboro killer was born.
Mickey was interested in the affects of cinema violence on society and the idea of life imitating art imitating life. When he met Mrs. Loomis in a psycho website's classifieds, he saw visions of fame and a glamorous trial. Unfortunately for Mickey, Mrs. Loomis gave him the death penalty before he could enter a plea.
Neil Prescott
Meet the one father who has a genuine reason to enjoy working away from home. One year he came home to find out that his cheating wife, Maureen had been murdered. The following year he was kidnapped by Billy Loomis and Stu Macher and almost framed for the Woodsboro murders. Then his traumatized daughter Sidney wanted everyone to forget she existed and call her Laura! Be nice to Mr. P. -- he's been through a lot.
Phil Stevens
Phil had the misfortune of having the namesake of one of the Woodsboro murder victims. He wanted to have a nice night out at the movies with his lovely girlfriend Maureen, but someone had other plans for him. It just goes to show -- when you hear strange noises coming from a stall next to you in a public restroom, it's best not to get involved.
Principal Himbry
"Remember, your principal loves you." What a great guy Principal Himbry was. Letting students out of school early to party is not a common move for a high school administrator. That proved what a cool principal he could be (he was no Fonzie, but he certainly had his moments). He was also a huge fan of pep rallies, but being gutted and hung from the goal post on the football field was probably not the type of "athletic support" that he had in mind.
Randy Meeks
The only thing more important to Randy than the movies was winning the heart of Sidney Prescott. Randy's religious devotion to the "Horror Film Commandments" saved his life; he was never happier to have been a virgin. While attending Windsor College, it was his uncanny ability to express himself at the wrong moment that caused Mrs. Loomis to give him the chop. Rising from the grave, he had his sister Martha deliver a video tape to Sidney. He had finally made a movie.
Roman Bridger
Called a pariah by Daily Variety, Roman Bridger grew up to be a movie director. Yet his true desire in life was to find his real mother. Finally tracking her down, Maureen Prescott wanted nothing to do with him. Dejected, he quickly groomed Billy Loomis as the perfect avenger. Budgets were cut permanently on his movie Stab 3 when one by one he knocked off the cast and producer. Yet it was curtains for Roman when Dewey Riley demonstrated his quick draw.
Sarah Darling
Tired of being thirty-five and playing twenty-one year-olds, Sarah Darling's main concern was to find a new agent. Much to her disgust, her character Candy in the movie Stab 3 was to die naked. But director Roman Bridger must not have liked her acting -- he decided to cut her, permanently.
Sidney in Stab
Although Dewey saw her being played by Meg Ryan in the film version of their story, Sidney knew it would be "just her luck" to be played by Tori Spelling. And sure enough, the starlet from the world-famous zip code was garnering rave reviews for her role as the troubled heroine Sidney Prescott in Stab.
Sidney Prescott
Sidney's happy life was never the same after her mother was slain. If it had not been for her identifying Cotton Weary, the crime may never have been solved. Or was it? She lost her virginity to Billy Loomis after he had just killed her best friend, Tatum Riley. Sidney's own life was saved by the sharp shooting skills of Gale Weathers. To get away from the horrible memories that Woodsboro held, Sidney left for Windsor College where the homicides began again. After witnessing the deaths of her roommate Hallie and her new boyfriend Derek, Sidney needed a big chance of pace. Operating as a phone counselor in a reclusive hide away, a phone call from Hollywood diced any dreams of sanctuary. Arriving on the troubled set of Stab 3, Sidney was treated to the final cut; her half-brother Roman Bridger was the one who had been wrecking her life.
Sister Lois
She really wanted Sidney to rush Delta Lambda Zeta, and she sure did want to let her know if there was anything that she could do to help. But all the icky murders going on around campus, she probably just wanted to wash her hands of the whole thing. Or perhaps wash her face of it...
Sister Murphy
"Hi. No, I really mean that, hi." Sister Murphy was just so sweet -- inviting Sidney to the martini mixer and letting her know that the Delta Lambdas were sensitive to her plight. She also sure did seem to know a lot of people too, in that six degrees of Kevin Bacon kind of way...
Steve Stone
Steve was one of the best Professional Celebrity Guards. His clients included Julia Roberts, Salman Rushdie and Posh Spice. His biggest pet peeve was Hollywood "hanger-ons" like Dewey Riley. Humility not being one of Steve's interests, he turned his nose up at the warnings of officer "Dew Drop," and dropped dead due to a knife in the back.
Steven Orth
How sad for Steve. Merely going to his girlfriend Casey's house for a harmless evening of movies and popcorn (and perhaps a little cuddling) -- only to be met by an attacker before he even reached the front door. And then, before he knew it, he was bound to a chair and used as a pawn in a deadly game. Jason? Casey! Everybody knows that Jason doesn't come until the sequel! It was that answer that cost Steven his life -- and his letterman's jacket.
Stu Macher
Stu was a fun guy. But, sometimes his eagerness for fun got the best of him. Who would have thought that behind that bright smile was the zest of a killer? Billy must have, for it was with his leadership Stu would go down a path which would lead a town to chaos while leading to his own death.
Tatum Riley
Tatum was a great friend to Sidney ("If you pee, I pee. Is that clear?") and a loving sister to Dewey ("Come on Deputy Doofus, let's go!"). As the devoted girlfriend to Stu, who apparently wasn't quite as excited about the relationship as she was, Tatum stumbled into the ultimate beer-run-gone-wrong story. Belying Tatum's girl-next-door image were some impressive self defense skills including her Ninja-like bottle slinging accuracy. A deadly garage door did in Tatum. There's got to be a lawsuit there somewhere.
Tom Prinze
Although he was cast to play Dewey in Stab 3, Tom did not share the same affections for Gale Weathers. His luck fared no better when co-star Angelina Tyler turned him down. Turning to alcohol to cope with the pressures of Hollywood, a script revision blew Tom away.
Tyson Fox
Whatever you do, do not tell Tyson that his character Ricky is a substitute for Randy. Tyson was not willing to quit Stab 3 due to the difficulty of finding great roles for Black actors. Roman Bridger, an equal opportunity killer, had no problem throwing him out of a window.

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