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Small Screen Scream Part 10: "Revelations" (S01E10)

So last week was the season finale of MTV's SCREAM -- and although predictable at times, it offered a nice resolution to the season -- but still manages to leave a few questions unanswered.  There's also a nice little tribute to Wes Craven at the beginning.

So that was nice.

SCREAM -- S01E10 -- "Revelations"

The episode picks up at where it ended last week, at the Halloween dance.  Emma gets a phone call from the killer while a live video of a tied-up Sheriff Hudson looms over the dance.

Emma tries to call Kieran but he ignores the call.

Noah figures out that the killer is broadcasting the video through his AV feed -- and he hopes to track the location of the source.

Meanwhile, Brooke is at her party.  And for some reason, her and Emma's texts aren't reaching each other.

Back at the dance, the killer calls Emma and exclaims that, "It's gonna be gut-wrenching!"

At the police station, Maggie discovers that there's something lodged in the dead …