The Unseen Scream 4 Part 2: Parking Garage (Spoilers)

Article originally published on by wicked-scribe.

The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In the second of a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. This volume we look at the parking garage scene.

This, the second of two new scenes shot in January 2011, is nowhere near as different as the original opening scene and because of that, actually qualifies as “additional photography” instead of a reshoot. In the finished film, Rebecca gets a nasty call, hides in her car, is scared by the killer on her hood then soon after leaves to bail for the exit.

The initial version was basically the same minus her vehicle moments. Instead, cars started bumping and their alarms were going off. Ghostface popped up behind a car, she screamed then turned to run for the door. The rest played out as you saw in the movie.

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