The Unseen Scream 4 Part 1: Opening Scene (Spoilers)

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The MPAA didn’t order any cuts to Scream 4, but a major amount of material was removed by Team Scream themselves. In the first of a multi-part series of articles, Scream-Trilogy tells you – and shows you – what was left on the cutting room floor. We start with the opening scene.

After two fake-out Stab scenes which were left untouched, the Woodsboro opener with Jenny (Aimee Teegarden) and Marnie (Brittany Robinson) begins. However, the sequence was almost completely reshot and would reverse each girls’ role of centerpiece or supplementary victim. All that remains of the original scene is the discussion on the couch about the Stab sequels at which point the released film diverges into the new footage (starting with hearing a noise upstairs). What follows is how it originally played out:

Marnie gets up from the couch and heads to the kitchen, voicing her hate of horror movies. She opens the cupboard (possibly to get some Stab Popcorn) and shuts it, surprised to see none other than Ghostface standing behind an oblivious Jenny. Marnie assumes it’s a prank and goes back to getting food ready, so Ghostface starts stabbing Jenny in the back from behind the couch. Ouch! Jenny is screaming bloody murder, Marnie just rolling her eyes, telling them it’s not funny. Once she starts seeing all the blood on the couch while the stabbing keeps on going, she approaches, sees Jenny is really dead, and screams – causing Ghostface to snap his attention to her.

She runs for the door, phone in hand to call emergency but Ghostface cuts her off in the hallway, pulling her away. He stabs her and once she’s down on the floor he moves into place for the kill. Marnie’s final line is: “But you’re not real…” Cue Scream 4 title card.

In the final film, Sheriff Dewey is notified about the deaths by Deputy Perkins over radio. The following aftermath scene was removed due to the reshoots – it was either rendered contradictory, or simply a running time casualty because the new opening scene was longer. “It’s bad. Real bad.” But how bad? A blood-scrawled message on Jenny’s living room wall rhetorically asked “What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?”, Marnie’s body has been hung from the ceiling fan and Jenny’s corpse is bound to a chair, duplications of Casey & Steve from the opening scene of the very first Scream (1996).

you can see Jenny’s bloody foot in the bottom left-hand corner of the image above.

Cutting this aftermath scene deprived us of the most important part of each Scream: Wes Craven’s cameo! After playing a janitor, doctor, and tourist respectively in the previous movies, the director appeared as coroner here, one of the fan suggestions he asked for.

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