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Scream 3 to disappoint? delivers a wonderful "Sound Off" that will most likely happen in a few month. Great job,… Read more

Why do people lie?

Dan from Stu Macher's Garage dropped off his Sound Off. He talks about people claiming to be "Insiders" and spread… Read more

S3 Killer should win!

Walter Flanagan talks about how the Killer should get away. I loved “Scream” and watch it at least one every 2 months. I also … Read more

Don't kill Sidney!

GRR99 explains why Sidney doesn't need to die in Scream 3. Here's my Sound off. I would like to address the prevalent … Read more


"I love horror movies," says Jenny McCarthy, who turns up in SCREAM 3 as Sarah Darling, an actress strutting her stu… Read more

Ehren Kruger talks SCREAM 3

Ehren Kruger's phone rang one day. There was no bogeyman on the other end asking the young screenwriter what his favorite … Read more

Wes Craven plays Cupid

Not only does Wes Craven know how to make audiences scream, but he's apparently a pretty good matchmaker, too. When Crav… Read more

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