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Sound Off: Scream 3 to disappoint? delivers a wonderful "Sound Off" that will most likely happen in a few month. Great job, Cap.
Consider this a pre - Sound Off! for what is going to occur this December. What am I talking about? Something none of you are probably prepared for. Something different. That's right. Different. SCR3AM will be a different movie than you expect. Same characters? Mostly. Same underlying theme (masked killer mystery)? Oh yeah. Same feel? NOPE.

It's the "feel" I'm talking about here. Remember how in the first movie, you never quite knew if the film was a comedy spoof that scared you or a horror movie with some great comedy dialogue? You weren't quite sure, but it was different than anything you else you had paid six bucks for in a while and you liked it. Then came "I Know..." and "Urban Legend" and etc, etc. Scream 2 even felt like more of the same (although better than either of those).

Well, Craven will not…

Sound Off: Why do people lie?

Dan from Stu Macher's Garage dropped of his Sound Off. He talks about people claiming to be "Insiders" and spreading fake news. Something that happens way to often.
hey there...first thing I'd like to say is that i think this is a genious idea. being a webmaster of my own Scream Trilogy site I can see that sometimes fans need to interact with the site and webmaster to make it all work. and another thing...I really want to Sound Off. Why? Because...there's a lot of bullshit going on. Thats right...I said it...bullshit. Thething that really pisses me off about this whole thing...and pisses me off is that people who claim to be "insiders" write the worst crap, and forsome reasons, we just decide to print it. If you supposed "insiders" hadhalf a life, you wouldn't go around making up rumors about the stupidest shitin the world like Parker Posey saying "I needed to pay some bills."

That crap really pissed me off. It worried…

Sound Off: S3 Killer should win!

Walter Flanagan talks about how the Killer should get away.
I loved “Scream” and watch it at least one every 2 months. I also loved “Scream 2”, but there is one thing in “Scream 2” that I really did notlike. I don’t know if anyone agrees with me but killing Randy was one probably the worst thing about “Scream 2”. This got me thinking that perhaps Kevin was aiming to kill off all of the survivors of the original Woodsboro slayings, then I realised that you can’t really kill Sidney now can you? She’s come so far. Another thing I began to think about was how “Scream 3” will end. Will Dewy die, they’ve tried twice already. And what about Gail? Should she die? Will she die? And if she does, will her and Dewy die together? Another point, what about the killer? Or killers? Will there be another deadly partnership involving people close to Sidney? One thing I would like to see is Sydney turn the tables and stalk the killers for a while. OK, she did it in “Scream”, but that was only for 4 or …

Sound Off: Don't kill Sidney!

GRR99 explains why Sidney doesn't need to die in Scream 3.
Here's my Sound off. I would like to address the prevalent desire from certain rumorists or rumorist-wanna-bes to have Sidney killed in Scream 3. People keep mentioning it as if it were a nice move. Well, ITS NOT. Drew was one thing, Sidney is another. Killing Sidney is like stabbing the audience in the back. Her death would bring the whole film down, making it seem like one big Studio gimmick. If you kill the heroine , the story and the audience go down the drain.

It worked with Drew because they were using her STARPOWER (not her CHARACTER) to do something a-la Janet Leigh in Psycho, playing with audience expectations before the film comes out. Now, Scream 3 is furthering characters and plot established in previous films...You see, killing Sidney would be killing Sidney, not Neve...You're killing a character people love and identify with, not a well-established actress who is being marketted as the lead in order…


"I love horror movies," says Jenny McCarthy, who turns up in SCREAM 3 as Sarah Darling, an actress strutting her stuff in the latest STAB sequel, the film within the film. "I had always wanted to do one. There are a few horror movies that scarred me for life. THE EXCORCIST made me very religious as a child. I slept at nigh with rosaries and the Bible after that one. PLTERGEIST scared me. THE SHINING scared me. What else scared me? Oh, A NIGHTMARE ON ELMSTREET. And now I can at least say I did one. It's fun to get creepy, to scare people and yourself. It was really cool."

So what can McCarthy- the ex-Playboy bunny pinup-turned-comedienne-turned-actress whose credits include SINGLED OUT, MTV's underrated sketch program THE JENNY MCCARTHY SHOW and NBC's deservedly short-lived sitcom JENNY, as well as the film THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD, THE STUPIDS, and BASEKETBALL-reveal about the top secret SCREAM 3, supposedly the last in the hit slash…

Ehren Kruger talks SCREAM 3

Ehren Kruger's phone rang one day.

There was no bogeyman on the other end asking the young screenwriter what his favorite scary movie was, but rather the powers that be at Miramax/Dimension, calling to explain that they were in a bit of a bind. Kevin Williamson, swamped with the myriad of demands of writing and directing TEACHING MRS.TINGLE, only had time to draft a treatment for SCREAM 3, a project of horrifically huge significance to the company. The brothers Weinstein wanted to know if Kruger, hot off ARLINGTON ROAD and the scribe of Dimension's high-profile thriller DECEPTION, would be willing to devise the final adventures of Sidney (Neve Campbell), Dewey (David Arquette), and Gale (Courteney Cox Arquette), who are joined by an array of new characters played by Lance Henriksen, Parker Posey, Scott Foley, Kate Hudson, Patrick Dempsey, Heather Matarazzo and Jenny McCarthy.

"They asked me if I'd take a look at the work Kevin had done on it, and see if I'd be in…

Wes Craven plays Cupid

Not only does Wes Craven know how to make audiences scream, but he's apparently a pretty good matchmaker, too.

When Craven cast Courteney Cox and David Arquette for the first Scream in 1996, though, little did he know he would watch his two stars walk down the aisle together three years later.

While in New York promoting his upcoming Music of the Heart, Craven told me he felt kind of like the proud papa at the wedding.

"In a way, yeah," Craven said. "I'm sure a lot of people had a lot to do with it, though."

Cox and Arquette met on the set of Scream and later made Scream 2 together. Craven directed both pictures.

Near the end of shooting Scream 2, Craven said, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Arquette and told him not to mess up a good thing.

"There was one specific party where I took a chance and took David for a walk and gave him a fatherly, this-is-a-golden-opportunity-don't-blow-it-speech," Craven recalled. "I think that made …