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Gayheart is a Monkey

Fame has its ups and downs, and for Rebecca Gayheart one of the downs was having a magazine call her "Über Slinky Monkey.… Read more

Wes Craven AOL Chat

KaufNYC: Welcome, Wes Craven. It's good to have you here. Wes Craven: It's great to be here! KaufNYC: Anything you&#… Read more

Scream 3: What We Don't Know Will Kill Them

Fangoria Magazine : #188 November 1999 page 8. Ready for Scream 3? Producer Cathy Konrad is. In fact, Konrad is deep into prod… Read more

Kevin Williamson Reveals Why He Bowed Out Of The Final Installment Of His Horror Trilogy

Wicked Magazine : November 1999 In the midst of season WitchDimension Films and its parent company Miramax are banking on a … Read more

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