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Williamson answers Scream 3 questions

In a recent Halloween: H20 Interview, when asked about the status of Scream 3, Kevin Williamson said: "I just agreed this week to start writing it. We just struck my deal, so I guess the other deals are starting to follow. I'll be done in April, I'm guessing. We're planning on a December [1999] release." When asked about Neve Campbell's return, he replied: "Well, I guess she needs to wait to see if she has a character. If she doesn't want to be in it, then we'll write it without her. The good thing about Scream 3 is I've got three plans. There's the Sid version, the Sid-less version, and....the bottom line is the story itself doesn't rely so much on her character." What's the third version, they asked: "(Smiling) I can't say. It's not so much about Sidney anymore. It's about the world that was created with "Stab." The story itself thematically works, regardless of who is in it."

Neve gives S3 optimism

In a recent interview, when Neve Campbell was asked about her involvement in the third part, she replied: "I'm sure Kevin Williamson, who wrote the first two scripts, will make a great job of it, but it's just that fear I have of being typecast. I've really enjoyed these first two movies, and I'm very proud of them, but I think I could easily become 'that girl from the Scream movies' if I stuck around for the third installment."